How to go natural and pick organic beauty products

How to go natural and pick organic beauty products

Many people say that they would like to switch to organic beauty products but do not know how to choose the right ones. Most of the time, they rely on their tried and tested products, and in any case there are also tops and flops among the natural ingredient-based products. Switching to natural products doesn’t have to be a radical step from one day to the next, but can be filtered out gradually. Here are some points you can look at while shopping for organic beauty products.

Top beauty brands adopt organic plasma

Known skincare brands have now started with a range of products that are animal cruelty-free and focussed on an earthy, organic approach. These are slow but the most naturally-achieved, effective result-giving-purchases promised. By using simple herbal extracts, adding some traditionally processed ingredients that give the assurance of going back to the natural earthy life, in times of global warming and with industries damaging environmental peace. The biggest marketing strategies post the pandemic life are going to be very safeguarded by making peace with nature and merging with the roots. The best skincare brands are adopting this mindset and creating a range of skin cosmetics and beauty products that are completely organic with an earthy culture of production.

Saying no to silicone paraffin products

Try not to buy or use anything that contains silicone and paraffin. Silicone stays on the skin like a film, so in the short term, it creates a shiny effect and a pleasantly soft skin feeling. However, in the long term, silicones clog pores and sweat glands, causing the skin to become brittle and prevent the natural regeneration of the skin. Thus, the skin cannot work and breathe as it naturally should.

Chemistry creates love

The skin is our largest organ and many substances in conventional cosmetics make our skin even more permeable to harmful substances. Since there are so many options to avoid toxins and pollutants, as well as parabens (which are suspected to affect our hormonal balance), we should be relying on natural beauty products, plus avoiding animal-tested products, products that have environmentally harmful microplastics, and those containing non-certified ingredients and more such harmful elements. This will be creating refreshing chemistry within your skin, and an organic mindset. Switch to natural cosmetics for almost all conventional brands. One can find perfect, natural alternatives that not only are good but often beneficial to the environment through organic certification and less packaging.

Check the back for ingredients

Understanding the ingredient labels can be way more complicated than one can imagine. Hardly anyone understands what the information on the packaging exactly means, but keeping any simple code check app handy can help. These apps are not infallible and just because something is marked orange on them, it does not necessarily mean it is toxic. However, the apps always inform more about the ingredients so one can get a good awareness of what you are putting on your skin or your hair. It’s enough to first simply rely on the proven natural cosmetics certifications such as NATURE ECOCERT, BDIH, or Demeter. Not every company with great ingredients can afford these expensive seals, but for a start, they are a good reference.

Realistic expectations

Natural skin and haircare are largely chemical-free, so that means one cannot expect the same performance and result you get with other chemical-included products; one cannot always expect the same results from 100% natural mascara as that from a 48-hr long-stay super-waterproof mascara. The same goes for sunscreens. Natural cosmetics do cause allergic reactions in some cases, so it’s a slowly tried and tested routine which can’t be trusted blindly. However, there are natural products for sensitive skin as well as essential oils that are perfume-free with less alcohol content.

With India going under lockdown in March 2020, many resources for buying skincare or haircare products online or in shops were suddenly gone. People did look into the local choices available, when the month of May – the peak of the pandemic, forced online platforms to open their doors laced with Indian products and companies. There was a sudden jump in demand for organic beauty products. Many brands and organic businesses got empowered seeing an opportunity to prove themselves in the current crisis the world was facing. Today, while surfing online, there are tons of beauty brands floating on the screen promoting themselves to be worth trying and testing. Shifting to the earthy lifestyle for skincare or haircare routines, going organic and chemical-free, should do justice to the choices that will be offered in the near future.

Source:- timesofindia