C-section increasing asthma risk among kids, say experts

C-section increasing asthma risk among kids, say experts

This, they said, was because children being delivered through C-section under some risk condition or in cases of early delivery, have immature lungs, making them prone to picking up inflammatory disease in their early years. But this is not the only cause for growing asthma incidence. The other factors include the role of environment, of falling breastfeeding rate, and also overuse of antibiotics, especially in children. Looking at the growing number of reasons for asthma contraction in children, KGMUalso plans to expand its work around load management of asthma in children in the coming months.

Dr Ved Prakash of respiratory medicine department said, “Environmental factors modifying the genetics of mother during pregnancy are leading to children being born with asthma. The use of tobacco and its products and both active and passive smoking are some of the causes.”

“Painless deliveries sometimes do not allow the time to be ripe for a normal delivery process, which leads to early predisposition of asthma in newborns,” he added. “Breastfeeding too has an indirect impact on asthma. Avoidance of breastfeeding leads to lower immunity which affects the lungs too,” said Dr Prakash.

He said, “The overuse is causing both severity in disease and lowering immunity. Steroids are being given to children in syrup form, which has several side effects. The condition should be managed through inhalation therapy which dilutes the effect of oral medicine intake.”

Source by:- timesofindia